2 Easy Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors to Paying Customers

Convert Your Website Visitors to Paying Customers
 Convert Your Website Visitors to Paying Customers A serious business invests in generating traffic to its website. Well, that’s good, but you need to figure out how to turn this traffic into paying customers. Of course, you may run a couple of ads to bring in more revenue from your site, but this may not always work as most customers may not click on your ads because they use ad blockers.

So, you need to start thinking conversion. Devoted Business Development shares three easy tips you can use to make visitors buy your service or product.

Simplicity is King

When people visit your website, they are searching for something specific, and so you should simplify the process by helping them get what they want. How do you attain that? Put your call to action near your best content that’s hard to miss.

In fact, you should position several call to action buttons on different sections of a page. It is the easiest way for visitors to know the type of service or product you provide. d You can also add several payment options. If you add a PayPal button and exclude credit cards, you’re limiting potential customers.

Moreover, to prevent cases of customers abandoning the cart (not completing the payment), offer a simple checkout process by asking for minimum information. Lastly, don’t overwhelm your users with many service or product options. Keep them between three and four.

Show, Not Tell

People don’t know about your product or service. So, you need to show them how it’s used to help them decide if they want to buy it.  Do that by allowing them to use your service for free for the first two weeks or one month. If you’re offering a physical product, it might be hard to give it out free, but you can add a short video that shows how to use the product. Videos are among the most effective content marketing strategies you can use.

Attracting traffic is not good enough if you can’t monetize it. Simplicity and effectiveness are necessary. You can seek the advice of business consultants on more ways to increase your business revenue.