3 Things That Will Inspire You to Slay Your Fitness Challenge

a fit woman drinking water

Fitness challenges are all the rage on social media these days. If you’re looking to take your routines up a notch, they’re a great way to motivate yourself when you need it. From memberships to three-classes-a-week minimum to 30-day unlimited packages, there are fitness studios for women in Georgetown, MA that provide all sorts of short-term programs geared toward obtaining results quickly.

Many people swear by these challenges, with transformation photos and challenge plans blowing up newsfeeds. If you’re ready to take on a fitness challenge, here are some things you need to prepare:

Adjust your social life.

With the challenge being a short-term endeavor, it’s important to prioritize it to see actual results. This means mapping out your workout hours ahead and adjusting your social plans around them. Take a rain check on that dessert-tasting event and reschedule your boozy brunch with girlfriends. Better yet, ask your friends to be your fitness buddies.

Book all of your classes in advance.

Be sure to schedule all your classes right after you sign up. Paying for them in advance and not wanting to waste money is a good enough motivation for some to stick to their routine. If you’re still worried, nix the evening classes and train in the morning. You might feel busier as the day goes on, making you more likely to bail.

Find a support system.

If you can’t convince a friend to join you in the program, use your social media to connect with other people with similar goals. If your studio offers a hashtag for the challenge, use it to post your progress on Instagram. You’ll be likely to make new friends that will encourage you to keep working until the end of your training.

Taking up a challenge may feel difficult at the beginning, but remember that these programs are made to get you out of your comfort zone. With these preparation tips, you’ll be able to navigate through all the roadblocks and see the results.