4 Easy Tips for Becoming a Better Pitcher/ 4 Things You Can Do To Become a Better Pitcher

Close-up photo of baseballs and mitt

What makes an elite pitcher? Most people will tell you it is velocity, and they’re certainly right. But velocity is just an outcome that’s driven by other processes.  Suppliers of speed measurement solutions such as Radar Sports, LLC, would say that to hit 95mph on radar guns, you need to put in place a few essential things. Here are four of them:

Keep an open mind

Good pitchers are always open to trying different approaches to better their game. What you do to get from 82mph to 90 mph will seldom be what takes you to 95mph. You need to learn new approaches to further your development. If your velocity has been dipping, it might be time to try a different program to regain and improve it.

Get your priorities right

Take the time to identify your greatest window of improvement. Players tend to do what feels good, instead of what they actually need to do. It could be that you need to be focusing on developing your soft tissue and mobility, rather than lifting. By getting rid of excessive fatigue, you can focus on boosting your velocity.

Focus on continuity

Consistency is essential when it comes to improving your pitching. Unfortunately, some factors may not always allow this. For college students, for instance, consistency may be impeded by athletic and academic calendars. Find time to practice continually, even if it means doing so outside of school. This might mean joining a local team in your neighborhood.

Create the right environment

Having a great environment to train in is critical in developing a great pitcher. Enroll in a facility that provides the right equipment and space for training. Find a coach you can rely on too. The right environment fosters accountability, making you a better pitcher.
Becoming an elite pitcher doesn’t just happen by luck. It’s a combination of several internal and external factors that will take time and effort to put in place, but the rewards are well worth it.