4 Smart Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Apartment

Man spraying pesticide

One of the most attractive things about living in an apartment is the convenience it affords you. You don’t need to travel too far to work or to access essential amenities. But, with neighbors living next door, a common concern is having to deal with pests. There are things you can do to keep the threat low, though. Why not try these ideas?

1. Deal with infestations promptly

As soon as you notice that bed bugs, wasps, flies, wasps, or other pests have invaded your home, tackle the problem right away. Waiting too long will only make matters worse. Call in a New England pest control expert to help figure out the source of the infestation and fix the issue effectively. It’s the only way to restore the comfort of your apartment and avert future attacks.

2. Inspect secondhand furniture thoroughly

View all secondhand furniture — alluring as it may seem — with lots of skepticism. That couch may look perfect for your home decor, but it could be harboring powder post beetles or bed bugs. Take your time to inspect any possible hiding places for bugs before you bring the pieces into your home.

3. Keep your home clean

Bugs gravitate towards messy areas. Keeping your apartment clean can deter them from invading your living space. Vacuum the floor regularly, dispose of crumbs from your kitchen, and empty the trash can frequently. Unclutter your home, too. As much as possible, allow lots of light (natural or artificial) in all areas of your apartment during the day.

4. Keep your apartment dry

Moisture is enticing to pests. It serves as their breeding ground and supplies them with the drinking water they need to thrive. Do not leave your sink filled with standing water. Tackle dampness on the basement or attic, too. You may also consider installing a dehumidifier.

A pest infestation in your apartment can be a great nuisance, but there’s always something you can always do about it. By working with a pest control specialist and taking the right preventive measures, you can keep the problem at bay.