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White Shutters

White ShuttersOn a glorious sunny day, you want to throw open your doors and windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in. Sometimes, though, you hesitate to do so because of privacy fears.

Another issue is if you open the windows, many insects and dirt may come in uninvited. You can use insect repellent for the bugs, but how about the dirt? Besides, you do not want dying or dead critters around your home. The smell of these repellents is repulsive, as well.

Fortunately, there are simple alternatives to this. One of these is a shutter.

Shutters Explained

These accessories filter the dirt and bugs, but allow cool air to come into your home. The added advantage is that if you choose a screen to suit the decor of your rooms, then they will also increase its beauty and appeal.

There are a number of options available to serve these three purposes. Perth-based boardwalk.com.au, dealer of aluminium gates, compiled the three most popular ones below.

Three Popular Shutter Types
  1. Security screen door – You do not need a solid metal door with small peepholes. You can just get the ones made of reinforced steel with a strong, fine mesh. This will keep away the insects, but let the air in. These look good on the porch, and you can customise it to fit different sizes or the general design of any building.
  1. Retractable screens – Otherwise, pick the retractable styled screens if you do not use the screens too much. Like a security screen door, you can customise this as well. You can operate these via a pulley system or a remote control.
  1. Patio enclosures – Love the outdoors? Have a patio enclosure built with these screens. This way you can enjoy the outdoors and the sun, but without the insects. Builders can construct these screens to any size, and can install a mesh with UV filters. Your designer can help you plan this to add beauty and elegance to your home.

You can pick any of three options or a combination of them. Consult the professionals dealing with these products and have suitable ones installed, and enjoy privacy without bugs and dirt.

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