Above ground Storage Tanks: The Need for Suitable Design and Maintenance

above ground storage tanks

Above ground storage tanks (AST) are essential for many industries, from oil and gas to industrial farms. Every tank has to come with specifications that are unique to the industry’s storage requirements. This is especially for tanks that need to keep hazardous substances.

As such, design and considerations for maintenance are critical to storage tank fabrication. Its construction and features will ensure that your tanks are sufficient to contain the materials you keep and suitable for your facility.

Designing ASTs

Not all ASTs are the same. Their design varies depending on their purpose. If you’re using the tanks to store oil, the materials of the AST should be compatible with what you’re storing. Storage conditions, such as pressure and temperature are other important considerations.

Storage tank experts add that the installation and maintenance of ASTs should follow the proper engineering practice to avoid any problems in the long run. The design of your AST should also comply with your local ordinances and fire codes.

You may also have to check if your area permits the construction of ASTs. If not, you can opt for a different option. Being in the oil and gas industry, it’s essential that you use smarter technology that can protect both the environment and public health.

Maintaining Optimum Performance

You can store different types of fluids in your ASTs, such as petroleum, chemicals, and water among others. Since these fluids can be hazardous to the environment and human health, it’s necessary to perform proper maintenance to secure the tanks’ safety.

Poorly maintained tanks can lead to area pollution that can contaminate soil and drinking water. It may also cause tank explosions that can injure people and damage property.

There are important factors to consider in maintaining the efficiency of your ASTs, such as:

  • Proper labeling of tanks
  • Secured setup
  • Regular monitoring
  • Routine inspections
  • Have an emergency plan

You need the right design and sufficient maintenance for your ASTs. This ensures not just better performance but also greater safety and durability of the container.