Adding Value with Orangeries and Conservatories

Orangeries and Conservatories

Orangeries and ConservatoriesOrangeries are popular in the United Kingdom and often used as a synonym for conservatories. There is a slight difference as the former is like a glass house with semi-opaque structure and the other half made of glass. The latter, meanwhile, consists of UPVC and polycarbonate sheets, and like a non-integral part of the main building.

Another difference is that orangeries have less than 75% of their glass panels glazed, while conservatories glaze more than 75% of their glass panels.

Then and Now

In the old days, orangeries were special, luxurious conservatories that grew citrus and similar fruits, hence its name. Today wealthy residents use orangeries for many purposes, like a greenhouse to grow vegetables and small plants. It is an integral part of a luxurious home as it is a solid structure made of hardwood and concrete.

Today, more wood and timber goes into the construction. Thus, there is adequate privacy. This is important if the orangery overlooks your neighbours’ living space or the road.

Adds Value to the Property

The first benefit of having such additional space is that it adds considerable value to your property. A professional company dealing in building orangeries, such as Joinery For All Seasons, can suggest the right type suitable for your requirements and your home.

A well-planned orangery can add aesthetic value to your home with its classic, elegant detailing and good architecture. In fact, you can even turn an orangery into any room of your choice and make it a wonderful home extension. These days they can function as dining or family rooms. In some houses, some homeowners use them as kitchens.

Many companies can help you with the construction of a good orangery. They use the best timber, wood, bricks and ensure that the home extension has good ventilation and meets your standards in all aspects.

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