Allow Yourself to Grieve: Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Couple In Front Of GraveIt is never easy to lose a loved one. Often, this experience has polarizing effects on those who survive the departed. Some people may come out stronger after the experience, but may also feel that a part of them will never be the same again.

Although the experience is different for every person, and the recovery from it also varies, the fact remains that you should exert some effort in alleviating how you feel. Especially if you have a family of your own who are even more affected by the loss, your strength may be their only hope for recovery. Here is some advice on how to cope with the loss.

Don’t do this on your own.

It is true that some people have no choice but to try to carry on by their lonesome. If you are not one of them, then you should still see the positive side of things: you are not alone, and there are others who are willing to carry the load with you. So open up to friends and family and welcome the chance to grieve together. Trying to put up a facade of strength may end up leading you to a crash that’s even more painful.

Focus on remembering your dear departed.

There are matters to attend to, such as preparing for the wake and the funeral. This at least is a chance to focus your energies on something concrete, something you may understand more than the loss itself. Think of what the departed would have wanted you to do, but also think of ways to make yourself feel better. For example, talk to a provider of headstones in Ogden about including a poem you wrote for your loved one or your loved one’s favorite passage from the Bible or a quote from their favorite book. Working on something like this can keep you calm and give you time to come to terms with how you feel about the loss.

Give yourself some time alone.

While it is not a good idea to shoulder all of this alone, you still need some time to spend with only your thoughts. Even during the wake, take a break whenever you feel like it. Go somewhere private to grieve and let the tears flow freely. Taking these breaks may help you avoid breaking down altogether.

Don’t neglect your health.

Shower, comb your hair, eat a decent meal, take your medication if you have any – never neglect your health at a time like this. The more you neglect yourself, the worse you may feel and look. It doesn’t help anyone.

It’s understandable when people break down when they lose a loved one, but it’s important to still keep to a particular direction. Be strong and steadfast, allow yourself to grieve. Remember, you may have lost someone, but you have to keep on living, for yourself and for the people who depend on you to be strong.