Avoid Costly Repairs: Take Care of Your House

Home Maintenance in South ElginOwning a house entails expenses. From the time you buy the house — which is perhaps your largest expense — the maintenance, taxes, utility bills, etc. all mean some serious money. This is the primary reason you have to take care of such an investment so you can anticipate and perhaps avoid higher costs.

Here is some practical advice for keeping your home fully functional and away from pricier maintenance needs:

Prevent moisture

Moisture is the worst nightmare of practically any structure. All materials, even those designed with waterproofing capability, eventually sustain some damage when exposed to wetness too long. To prevent such problems, don’t neglect your plumbing. Check your basement for any leaks. One trick to find out if a leak is happening inside a wall is to stick a piece of clear plastic against the wall using duct tape. If moisture forms inside the plastic sheet, there is moisture inside the wall, which may mean it’s suffering from a leak.

Always check your roofing system

Roofs are exposed to the elements day in and day out, so even if your roof is warranted to last 50 or a hundred years, it still needs some checking and maintenance. Get in your attic during daytime and check for shafts of light coming in through the roof; these indicate holes. The presence of moisture may also indicate a leak, a broken gutter or a loose flashing. Call your contractor for roofing repair, especially if you are not handy with roof repair tools. According to APEX Exteriors Inc, the earlier you catch these problems, the better. To prevent similar issues from developing, have your roof cleaned and inspected regularly. Do the same for your chimney, gutters, and downspouts.

Replace your drafty door and windows

Insulation is important, but it is useless if the windows and doors leak air. The best way to address this problem is by replacing them with certified insulating products. Not only will this make your home more comfortable, but it will also prevent wastage of air-conditioned air. A properly insulated home is also less likely to be victimized by pests and insects as they have no way to enter it.

These are simple pieces of advice you should heed if you are to prevent issues from developing or getting worse. Trust only certified contractors when hiring people to work on your home.