Bail Bondsman: A Guide for First Timers

Man on handcuffs

Getting arrested for whatever reason and having to serve jail time is in no one’s dream or bucket list. But, if you happen to be one of those people who is facing jail, or knows someone in your family who is, then you might have heard of bail and the need for a bondsman.

Common knowledge would dictate that bail is needed to be paid to set someone free. However, experts at Beehive Bail Bonds share that the amount for getting released from Oxbow Jail in Salt Lake County varies depending on the offense you committed. When bail is too expensive, having a bail bondsman is needed to get you your freedom.

Bail bondsman guide for first timers

1. Understand the role of a bail bondsman

money, handcuffs, gavel, and weighing scaleA bail bondsman is a form of a lender that assures the court that you would be able to pay for your bail, albeit not in full. They serve as a lender when you need a mortgage for your home. Only this time, the pay will be for your freedom. Like other services, there are legitimate and illegitimate bondsman, so it is essential to know which kind you are working with.

2. Know what you need

Different people need to pay certain amounts. So before you apply for one, be sure you know how much you need. Often, your lawyer can talk with the judge to pose for a lower amount, so it helps to always coordinate with your lawyer.

3. Ask your attorney for referrals

Often, working with an attorney referred bondsman can help you save money as they are priced relatively lower than finding a third party. Thus, it pays to ask your lawyer for any recommendations.

4. Know the payment terms

You pay a certain amount to the bondsman for their services. Although it is not much, it still pays to know the fees, as well as understand the terms of payment for your bail.

Now that you know the role of a bail bondsman, finding one won’t be like walking in the dark.