Basic Things to Know when Applying for an Australian Visa


visaAustralia is a beautiful country blessed with rich natural resources and a nice weather. The opportunity to live in Australia is a dream come true for many. Being referred as the “lucky country” in terms of economic prosperity, Australia is a great place to call home. Many people from Thailand and all over the world want to settle there, and this makes Australian visa sought after.

If you want to apply for an Australian visa, here are some information to get started:

Know the Different Types of Visas

People who want to stay and live in Australia are required to apply for a visa. There are different types of Australian visas, which are classified into five classes: professional, family, business, student, and temporary visas. As an applicant, you should meet all the requirements set in the regulations for those visa classes.

If you’re a Thai woman who has an Australian partner, you are entitled to a fiancée visa that allows you to work and live in the country. Acquiring an Australian Visa lets you stay with your Aussie partner for nine months, provided you’re physically well and you don’t have criminal records. This privilege can be adjusted after marriage. Your partner, on the other hand, must be at least 18 years old and free to marry.

Have the Correct Visa

As mentioned above, there are many different types of visas that allow you to visit Australia. Make sure that your visa covers your intended stay and the purpose of your visit. You have to obtain your visa before your departure. Without it and other travel documents, you won’t be able to board your flight.

Know the Time Required to Issue Visas

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) grants all types of Australian visas at their discretion. DIAC will give you an Australian visa as long as your application doesn’t face unexpected issues.

These are just basic things. There may be times when applications are high, so expect the government to limit approval. If you qualify for an Australian visa today, have your application lodged right away, as regulations change continually.