Bow Hunting: Types of Shafts for Your Arrow

Woman using a bow and arrow

Hunting is nowadays one of the best hobbies worldwide. It boosts not only your physical strength but also mental strength. There are different weapons you can pick for your hunt. Bow hunting, however, remains one of the best choices. Unlike rifle hunting, it is quiet, strengthens your muscles and sharpens your mental skill. Also, the bow hunting season in most states is longer compared to the rifle hunting season.

There are different elements that will determine the success of your bow hunting. One of these is the shaft for the arrow you pick from hunting shops in Michigan. The shaft will determine your arrow’s draw length and your bow’s pull weight.

Here are the shaft options you have for the arrows for your hunting.

Alloy Core

An alloy core is the most expensive shaft option available. It keeps the weight of your arrow down and adds to its stiffness. Alloy core arrows have a carbon coating to boost their strength and enhance their stiffness. They are generally used by skilled hunters.

Solid Carbon

Solid carbon arrows have many interwoven fibers throughout their length. Therefore, they are lighter and less stiff compared to aluminum arrows. The arrows are easy to use, have minimal wind drift, can be straightened if bent, and allow for a flatter shooting.

The accessories for solid carbon arrows, however, can be hard to get. The arrows also are more expensive compared to those made from aluminum. These arrows are usually used with compound and long-distance recurve bows.


Aluminums used to create arrow shaftAluminum arrow shafts are hollow and hence have a reduced weight and diameter. They have a precise spine and weight specification, are the quietest among all shaft types, and can be sometimes straightened when bent. They are also cheap and an ideal choice for novice hunters. Aluminum shaft arrows are nevertheless not as flat as other options and their strength decreases with a decrease in their weight.


This is the cheapest shaft material option for hunting arrows. Fiberglass arrows are available in varied lengths and relatively straight. It is, however, difficult to get a customized fiberglass arrow size, and the arrows are prone to splintering. Fiberglass arrows also have low power and hence are normally only used for recurve bows. They are generally used for hunting small game.


This is also a cheap material option for a hunting arrow’s shaft. The arrows are more durable compared to plastic arrows. Wooden arrows are feather light and cannot be used with high power bows. They are thus typically used with long and recurve bows.  The arrows are used by novice and traditional hunters.

Your ideal type of arrow shaft from the above options primarily depends on your budget and hunting skill. Other than the right shaft type choice, you will need to pick the right point type for your arrow to guarantee a successful kill. Bullet, blunt, field, grabbing and broadhead points are some of the available arrow points. To ensure you select the right arrow point and shaft, discuss your options with your hunting outfitter.