What to Do When You’ve Lost a Tooth

June 2, 2017

Losing a tooth back in childhood seemed like a trivial occurrence and not an emergency. After all, it’s common knowledge that lost baby teeth will grow again and be replaced by permanent teeth. As an adult, […]


A Smile: Scientifically Proven To Be Contagious

November 18, 2016

Some people go to great lengths to get a dashing smile. Whether it’s whitening or undergoing invisalign treatment at practices such as Monkmoor Dental Practice, the goal is the same; to have a smile that […]


Trick or Treat: Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

October 10, 2016

Many people are fond of organizing costume parties to celebrate important events and life’s precious moments. Parties where guests need to put on costumes are popular nowadays, not only for teens but for adults as […]


Here are Trendy Ideas for Love Tattoo Designs

September 6, 2016

Love tattoo ideas can open endless options for individuals who are out to show devotion to each other. In some tribes, couples get their tattoos after their wedding ceremony. Couples from a more modern and […]