Children Front and Centre

child torn during divorce

One of the most upsetting aspects of divorce is how it affects the children. The kids haven’t chosen to separate, but they have to live with the consequences of their parents’ actions and the resulting disruption.

It doesn’t have to be an unduly painful process for families in the capital. Any London divorce solicitor worth their salt will do all they can to ease the pressure on the family at this difficult time. Far from just being a paper pusher who sorts out the legal paperwork (though this is an important part of their job), a good divorce solicitor in London will help the family to reach a fair and reasonable arrangement that takes all parties into account. Firms in the West End, such as Saracens Solicitors, serve the whole of London in this way and can even work with families in other parts of the UK.

It may be that the couple are separating amicably and have already reached a fair agreement about how to take care of the children. It that’s the case, then the divorce solicitor in London doesn’t need to disrupt that. If it works for all concerned, it can continue.

However, it could also be the case that one party isn’t happy to let their ex-partner see the children, or not as often as they want to. Or, a former spouse may feel they are unfairly being denied access to their kids.

Whatever the situation, a divorce solicitor in London can help. If there is domestic violence in the situation, then they can act fast to get injunctions to protect the partner and the children.

If it’s the case that the partners just can’t reach an agreement, a divorce solicitor in London may recommend a mediator, or hold a family conference. This may include grandparents or other family members who have been caring for the children. It’s recommended that families find a law firm who are signed up to , an organisation of family lawyers that aims to resolve custody disputes in a non-confrontational way. The focus is taken off apportioning blame to any party, and instead puts the welfare of the children at the heart of the discussion.