Clear Braces Enhancing Looks Whilst Hiding in Plain Sight

Dentist holding clear braces and teeth mold

Braces that do not detract from the way people look have become very popular. The dental industry has recognised that patients avoid resolving misaligned and crooked teeth if it involves wearing traditional wire and bracket braces. Thankfully, the best of both worlds is available with clear braces. In Harley Street, in the heart of the city, there is a strong need for a good range of clear braces.

Clear braces not only straighten teeth, they hide in plain sight. When appearance is so valued in work, at social occasions and on the dating scene it’s good to invest in the best option available in clear braces. In Harley Street, going to a dentist that can offer a range of clear or invisible brace possibilities ensures the best results. A reputable dentist such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, will offer the latest in techniques and varieties of clear braces.

There are several types of braces that are often referred to as clear or invisible braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are known as invisible braces because they are attached to the backs of the teeth. This means they are completely hidden and therefore completely invisible. They otherwise function in the same way as traditional braces.

Aesthetically Pleasing Brackets and Wires

The next type of invisible braces are similar to traditional braces in that they use brackets and wires that are fixed to the front of the teeth. The difference is that the equipment is clear and tooth-coloured so that it blends in with the smile. These braces are difficult to spot from a distance and, even up close, have less impact image than braces that are all metal.

Clear Aligners

Some invisible braces are not fixed to the teeth. These are known as aligners and they fit over the top of the teeth. They are snug and do not move around but can be removed at any time. Aligners are thin and see-through, so cannot be easily seen against the teeth.

It’s clear that clear braces in Harley Street are set to make smiles straighter, whilst helping the wearer stand out for all the right reasons.