Common Types of Pallet Racking Systems

Storehouse pallet rack

There is an evident increase in the number of warehouses that uses pallet racking systems. This option maximises your storage space, so you can keep more items in your facility.

There are many advantages to using pallet racking systems and to reap those benefits, you must be able to determine which type of pallet rack works best for your warehouse.

Pallet Rack Configuration

Before ordering from a pallet racking supplier, you should consider several factors, such as the size of the space, the cost of materials, and the available vertical space. The racking should also be suitable for the products being stored, considering their shape, weight, and size.

In addition, how the racking system is laid out should be compatible with the types of material handling equipment you use. For instance, if you use a forklift, the width of the aisles between the racking should be ample enough to allow the lift to turn.

Types of Pallet Racking Systems

  • Selective Racking – Considered the most common racking system in various industries, this allows the pallet to be accessible from the structure’s aisle. Furthermore, the pallet can be configured to any size you prefer.
  • Push Back Racking – These are fabricated in a roll or structural form with a last-in, first-out rotation. This type of racking system would go well with high-density multiple storage products. It increases the accessibility of the products as it allows for specific selection of the items.
  • Drive-in Racking – The drive-in racking system is used to maximise warehouse floor space. This type also has a last-in, first-out rotation. You would only need a few aisles for the same amount of storage.
  • Gravity Flow Racking – This is ideal for high-density storage. The items are stored at a higher end and removed at a lower end. The rotation for this racking system is automatic because of the flow of the racks. It uses a gravity roller that generates movement of the load on a sloped plane.

There are several guidelines to follow to ensure the efficiency and safety of a pallet racking system. With these guidelines, you’ will be able to understand the advantages of using a particular pallet rack. The best storage option for you and your warehouse will greatly depend on the type of inventory you intend to store.