Coping Techniques for Dental Anxiety

Dental AnxietyMany people suffer from dental anxiety. In some extreme cases, this anxiety turns into a phobia. Due to fear of pain, many choose to neglect going to the dentist, which only causes their situation to worsen. Allowing dental problems to go unchecked may eventually lead to permanent damage to the tooth or jaw.

It is important to manage your anxiety. Proper dental care is a necessity. It will prevent serious problems., a dental practice in Milton Keynes, suggests the use of sedation to manage anxiety. Sedation is a way to overcome feelings of nervousness, but some people do not want to resort to it.

There are some ways for you to cope with the anxiety yourself.

Understand the Root of Your Anxiety

One of the best ways to overcome anxiety is to understand the source of your fear. Challenge negative thoughts and go about it in a logical manner. For example, many fear the dentist because of a negative experience in the past. It could be a painful root canal or the removal of a tooth.

Take a step back and think about what the dentist will do. There is no need to fear tooth removal if you are only coming in for a simple cleaning procedure. Remember that your dentist cares for your comfort and safety.

Do Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a great way to cope with anxiety. It may seem simple, but consciously breathing in will allow you to relax. This increases oxygen in your brain that allows you to cope with the anxiety. Take deep breaths and count to ten slowly. Repeat this while on the way to the dentist, in the waiting area and before you are called in.

If these techniques fail, you may still request for sedation from your dentist. It is important to stay positive and to care for your dental health.