Customising Needs vs Wants in a Custom Home

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reliable homebuildersCustom homes are the specialty of homebuilders in WA. These homes are very much different than your average built property as the homeowner has a say in the layout, materials, colour, fixtures and everything else involved in the construction of the property.

One of the most important challenges in custom homes is determining what you need versus what you want. Here are some tips on how to go about it properly.

Defining Needs and Wants

Before submitting the concept of the custom home that you want to build, it is important that you can differentiate needs and wants pertaining to home construction.

Needs – Needs are the things in a home that you cannot do without. This encompasses features that will allow you and your family to live adequately. Some examples of needs in a home are the number of bedrooms, adequate living space for play, study or entertainment, home office space, appropriate kitchen space, storage area and adequate garage space.

Other factors that come into play and are likewise characterised as a need include proximity to schools and place of work. These are features that, once decided upon, may be difficult to modify, or simply too expensive to change upon moving in.

Wants – Determining a ‘want’ in a custom home is challenging if you have only an average budget to work on. Most homeowners often discover that the stuff they list on the wants list easily become part of their need list depending on how badly they really want it. Examples of wants are luxury options like a bar, patio, swimming pool, bedrooms with their own private bathrooms, etc. Simply put, a want is a non-essential household feature.

Prioritising for Your Family

To delineate between needs and wants in custom home construction, you need to prioritise them with a system based on importance. This allows you to have a say in what stays and what goes in the final plan. Good home builders WA residents prefer usually listen to the wishes of the client while still integrating their touch in the structure.

Knowing that you cannot have everything you want, or sometimes need, is an important mindset when building a custom home. Compromises are not always pretty, though. So make sure that you have both needs and wants integrated equally as much as you can and in accordance with your budget.

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