Decorating Themes to Choose From for Your Home

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Home decorating should have a touch of the homeowner’s personality and preference. However, it can be overwhelming to choose the overall theme that should be implemented. There are great decorating ideas that you can find online, from rustic, country and minimalist to the much talked about antique pieces of Gustavian furniture for living rooms and bedrooms. The right ideas can help you achieve a harmonious theme that will incorporate your style and class, which you can proudly showcase to visitors.

Bathroom Decor Theme

The bathroom is easy to decorate, and it can be quite cheap to do it too. Some homeowners keep their bathroom walls and tiles in neutral shades. This makes it easier to add accents that complement the overall home theme. Accents such as indoor plants, wall frames, and rugs should be carefully chosen so that they will not look out of place. Add cabinets and shelves to provide storage for towels, shampoos and soap. The most important thing to remember is to make bathrooms cozy and welcoming for guests.

Bedroom Decor Theme

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The Scandinavian and Swedish home decor themes are very adaptable in bedroom decoration. Most homeowners go for the Scandinavian because it evokes calmness, pureness, simplicity and minimalism. More forward-thinking homeowners also include some antique pieces to balance the refined and the comfortable, rustic and elegant touches in the bedroom. To achieve the eclectic mix of grayed pastels, painted furniture and clean simple lines, you can weather down their dressers or cabinets. Long-legged divans and cream-colored fabrics will do great with the mattress and cushions.

This theme creates a comfortable environment for rest and relaxation. If you are aiming for this look, make sure to keep accents to a minimum. But you can also play up with different types of fabrics such as silk, linen and simple checkered cotton. In some occasions, you can also include light floral.

Living Room Decor Theme

To follow through with the overall Swedish country theme and decor around the house, you can choose to have an informal approach with plenty of whites and rustic pieces. The style runs rather austere and not about ornamentation. Pick out leggy furniture pieces and bleached wood. If there is a need for accessories, reflective surfaces and mirrors are highly suggested. Swedish decor is also heavily influenced by the French so you can add a few elegant touches such as chandeliers and glass console tables with wrought iron legs. Cushion colors can also go from white, beige and cream. Extra seating can also be provided with simple wooden benches with bolster pillow cushions to soften its look.

Creating a home that leans on a clean, minimalist theme can be a challenge for those who are used to having plenty of decorations and furniture in their space. Interestingly, these two major home themes are actually good for everyone in the family. The home will feel lighter and more open and spacious. It will also help the whole family minimize clutter and organize their things in an orderly manner.