Different Adventures and Experiences You Can Enjoy in Singapore

Beach in Sentosa Island

There are lots of interesting places to visit in Singapore, an island city-state off the coast of southern Malaysia. While the entire island is just more than 700km2 in the total land area, it offers many exciting, unique and family-oriented tourist destinations you and your family and friends can enjoy.

Arts & Tradition

Home to different ethnicities and religions, Singapore is home to different temples and shrines, as well as different cultural and religious festivals. How so? Almost a third of Singapore’s population are Buddhists; one-fifth is Christians while the rest are Muslims, Taoists and Hindus.

If you are looking for art fairs, galleries, and exhibitions, January is the perfect month to visit Singapore as they celebrate Art Week. In addition to this festivity, you can find jaw-dropping architectural designs, monuments, and museums all throughout the city the National Gallery Singapore and the National Museum of Singapore.

Tourist Sites

Vacations are for the entire family. If you are one of the nature lovers, it’s a must that you visit Singapore Botanic Gardens which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, Singapore is home to different urban and organic farms while other activities will let you view the greeneries of Singapore from the top.

The 500-hectare island of Singapore also offers dozens of other amusement parks and even water parks. But if you are a thrill-seeker seeking extreme adventures, Singapore offers tons of different activities that will surely boost your adrenaline to the top. For example, bungee jumping and zip-lining.

Food & Shopping

With the divergence of different cultures, Singapore’s kitchens are packed with lots of amazing cuisines. Plus, you get to enjoy Singapore Food Festival which is celebrated every July. If you are looking for accessories, apparels, and souvenirs among other things, Singapore is considered the haven for shoppers of Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, Singapore is also home to other exciting activities and dance music festivals, island hopping adventures, indoor sports complex and many more activities. You and your family will surely have a great stay in Singapore.