Different Types of Wood Flooring for the Budget-Conscious Homeowner

Types of Wood Flooring

Types of Wood FlooringWood flooring can lend a more homely charm and a warmer effect to your home, not to mention it can significantly increase your property’s resale value. Most people, however, are hesitant to install wood flooring because they think it would mean a major expenditure.

While most timber floors are expensive, you can find other budget-friendly options that can give you style and function similar to other costly solutions. You will only have to know your options and see which best suits you budget and style preferences. Here are some of your options when choosing wood flooring:

Solid timber

This option can be a little costly, but if you look at its charm and durability, you’ll know it’s worth the price. These are made of solid panels with tongues and grooves for interlocking. They are installed upon bearers and joists. Like most solutions from suppliers of timber floors, you can find them in a wide variety of species that provide distinct colours and textures to make your floor look more stylish and interesting.


Parquetry is another popular option. They are made of wooden blocks or mosaic patterns that are installed like jigsaw puzzles. Prices often differ depending on the shape or design and on whether you buy them as individual panels or as preassembled tiles. The best thing about parquetry is you can use various wood species to create contrast.


Bamboo flooring is not new at all, but it has only grown to popularity in the past few years. As it is made from sustainable grass, this flooring option can be less expensive than other traditional solutions. The material is as sturdy as other materials. It is also favoured for its unique charm, you can get in tiles, stone, or marble floors. They come in natural, stained and carbonised bamboo.

These are only some of your options when shopping for wooden floors. Other available options include cork flooring, floating floors, and reclaimed wood flooring. Make a wise comparison of their features and costs to find the best option for your home.