Do You Have Sensitive Teeth? Stop Chewing on These Foods Immediately

Sensitive TeethPeople who feel pain and discomfort while eating and drinking have sensitive teeth. The hurt may be extreme at times, especially when food directly hits the affected part. There are many reasons behind sensitive teeth. Typically, it is because of a cracked tooth, worn out enamel or receding gums.

As we consume food every day, it is important to watch what we eat, especially when it contributes to oral pain. The dental staff at Broadway Dental Clinic cites that certain foods aggravate tooth sensitivity and may worsen a person’s overall dental condition. Apart from seeking professional treatment, avoid these foods that can intensify tooth sensitivity.

Acidic Food

Acidic food and drinks strip the protective proteins that cover the dentine. When this occurs, the surface of the teeth receives more exposure from pain and dirt. Patients with extremely sensitive teeth should avoid eating highly acidic food such as yoghurt, vinegar, beer, soda, tomatoes, citrus fruits, pickled products and aged cheeses.

It is advisable to keep the pH levels of your mouth neutral by following a healthy diet. There are also some acidic food, including meat, beans, corn, coffee, plums and cranberries that you can take with your meals occasionally. This way, you do not miss the nutrients that your body needs.

Hard Food

Eating hard food may crack the teeth and aggravate the sensitivity. Apart from this, hard food put force on the gums, which can lead to bleeding to swelling. If you still haven’t received treatment, do not crunch down on caramels, crackers, nuts and hard candies. In addition, avoid eating ice because apart from its solidity, the will also contribute to your dental pain.

Extremely Hot and Cold Food

The pain that you feel every time you eat ice cream is your teeth reacting to its coldness. Sensitive teeth respond quickly to temperature, which is why excessively hot and cold foods are painful to consume. Avoid coffee, tea, soup, popsicles and iced drinks if you have a bad case of sensitive teeth. In the event that you really want to eat these goodies, wait for them to warm or use a straw to minimize contact with your teeth.

Regular brushing and dental visits can prevent tooth sensitivity. Other than proper dental care, a healthy and nutrient-rich diet will also make your teeth stronger and less prone to diseases. Foods such as spinach, rhubarb, and bananas are rich in oxalic acids, which can alleviate the pain in your teeth. Add these to your diet and feel the pain of sensitive teeth ease.