Ending a Marriage: Important Matters to Solve when Breaking Up

divorce lawyers

Getting a divorce in Florida takes more than petitioning the court to declare your marriage null and void. You’ll need to arrange for proper division of assets and make sure your children are well provided for. Other than that, you’ll also have to discuss issues that might come up in the future.

It’s important to handle these matters with a legal counsel. Divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach will advise what you should do, if you decide you can’t save the marriage. They’ll explain your options, especially on essential issues, such as debts and child support.

divorce lawyers

Children’s Custody

In Florida, the court generally supports joint custody arrangements, so children will have regular and continuous contact with both parents. But you can ask the court to let you have sole custody. Your lawyer will help you prove your capacity to take care of them, and ask for appropriate support from your ex-spouse.

Dividing Properties

It’s up to the court to divide your conjugal assets. The court might also divide assets you individually own. Discuss these matters with West Palm divorce attorneys to find out about your options. They’ll try to reach an agreement with your partner to settle which properties each one can claim.

Divorce is a thorny subject, especially if you and your spouse are not in good terms. Discuss issues you need to resolve with your lawyer. This will help you clear up everything as you formally break ties.