Expert Advice on Winning a Child Custody Battle

Lawyer talking to a man

Being entrenched in a divorce settlement case usually means being involved in a custody battle. For the uninitiated, the emotional and financial burdens may be too overwhelming. But if you focus on what is important, then you will have the presence of mind to do what is necessary to win.

What “custody” implies

Parents facing a custody case for the first time must realize the huge difference between having visitation rights and having custody of the child. Custody encompasses the right of a parent to make decisions on a child’s behalf. This parental privilege and responsibility include matters of education, health, and finances. In a divorce settlement, the court decides whom to award custody rights based on numerous factors.

Are you the “better” parent?

Divorce lawyers practicing in Suffolk County, NY must inform their clients—parents who seek to win custody battles, what the court requires them to be the favored party. It is imperative for a parent seeking sole subsidy to establish himself or herself as the “better” parent. By court standards, the better parent is fit to raise the child in comparison to the other parent. The court requires a high burden of proof, foremost of which is the ability to raise the child properly, and provide for the needs with or without assistance.

How to behave in court

Often, in the heat of the moment, one or both parents arguing for their rights resort to trashing the other party in court. The court frowns upon such behavior. Focusing on the goal of winning the custody argument might be helpful in keeping one’s attention on the important matters at hand. Instead of putting the other person down by highlighting mistakes and shortcomings, one must devote time and resources to showing the court how better off the child will be under their care.

A custody battle can be very frustrating and exhausting. Nevertheless, a responsible parent must plan and strategize with a qualified and experienced attorney to ensure a win.