Five Popular Architectural Home Styles for Growing Families

Home Design

Home Designs in UtahBuilding a home and matching it with your personal style is one of the greatest achievements in life. Many architectural home styles provide convenience and efficiency to families, but picking the one that will suit your needs is challenging.

Homebuilding website,, cites sthat a property’s floor plan should provide opportunities for your family in the coming decades. If your family continues to grow, here are five of the most popular home styles that will fit your budget and living.

Cape Cod Home Style

Cape Cod Homes are popular because of its simplicity, practicality, and efficiency as a starter home. There are two versions of a Cape Cod Home; first is the original 17th century design from the British Colonists, and second is the revival of Architect Royal Barry Willis from Boston. A Cape Cod is usually rectangular and has a steep gable roof. It has two to three rooms, one and a half stories, and a large central chimney.

Ranch Home Style

When ranches fell out of fashion in the 70s, open floor plans took architecture by storm, which eventually led to a more contemporary Ranch Home Style. An original design from America, Ranch Homes comprise of large windows and sliding glass doors. This one level home design also contains a patio and a spacious garage.

Southern Home Style

A Southern Home is one of the simplest and most efficient home styles in architecture. Designed for hot and humid southern climates, this architectural home consists of wrap-around porches, large shutters, and wide verandas that take advantage of the cool weather. The design is perfect for families who enjoy relaxing and spending time at home.

Country Home Style

Country Homes are an update of the popular Colonial Home Style brought by the 18th century colonists from Europe. The design is most recognizable for its two windows at the front door, and the five windows on the second level. Country homes aspire to be warm and inviting. It usually has wide porches, shutters, dormers, and eccentric wood details.

Cottage Home Style

Cottages are small houses or bungalows inspired by the 1920s. Its design is similar to a Craftsman Home except that the details are simpler and less expensive. Apart from this, the woodwork of a cottage is hand painted. It also has a front porch and an attic on the second level. Many suburban houses in America follow a cottage’s basic floor plan.

There are many home designs that you can alter according to your preferences. Just make sure that it fits your needs, and matches the requirements of your growing family.