Five Things Business Travellers Need When Staying in a Hotel

Luxury Hotel RoomBusiness travellers seek comfort and rest in hotel rooms. Other than providing them with a great stay, hotels can also make their trip successful and memorable. As a room provider, it is important that you attend to their needs during their stay. Here are five things travelling executives look for in a hotel.

Fast and Free WiFi Access

Slow Internet is one of the most common complaints by hotel guests. Travelling executives and managers need a strong and stable Internet connection that will allow them to browse, check their emails and access important files. Apart from this, business travellers also need to call their loved ones and join video conferences online. Make sure that your hotel WiFi software can provide a reliable connection in all rooms and common areas.

Bath Amenities

Bath essentials such as soap, shampoo, towels and toothbrush are typical in hotels, but some still forget to provide a consistent supply. Businesspeople, especially those who are in a rush, tend to depend on hotel amenities when travelling locally. Because of this, it is important that you provide a set of clean towels and toiletries every day.

Bottled Water

Executives would greatly appreciate the convenience of having potable water without going out of their room, especially if they don’t have to pay for it. Hydration is extremely important in business trips. A bottle or two of mineral water will not only make your guest happy but can also improve your service score and customer loyalty.

Efficiently Placed Electric Outlets

Even before smartphones and tablets, electric outlets were a major need for businessmen and women. Whether it is a laptop, an iPad, or a hair straightener, executives would always have something to plug. Be sure to provide multiple power outlets that guests can easily access; they could be beside a nightstand or a work desk.

Steam Iron

Businesspeople spend money and time for a presentable outfit. Their suits and dresses, however, sometimes end up creased inside their luggage. A steam iron isn’t exactly a hotel requirement, but travelling executives will most likely need one. If your hotel can’t provide a steam iron in each room, a laundry and ironing service is still ideal.

Business travellers stay in hotels because of the convenience and security they provide. As a hotel owner, you should always make sure that their basic needs are within reach. Doing this does not only make them happy but also increases your industry rating.