Gold in Skincare Is Actually Worth All the Hype — Here’s Why

Woman getting gold facial mask

These days, everyone is raving about the use of gold in many skincare products. However, this is nothing new because gold has been in various skin treatments of the Egyptians, Romans, and Japanese since the early times.

In their luxury collection, Kedma Philippines offers high-quality products infused with gold ideal for locking in moisture for firmer and brighter skin. Here are the top benefits of this precious metal for the skin:

1. Stimulates the Skin Cells

Gold has ions that stimulate the veins, nerves, and cells in your body. This increases the metabolism of skin cells and helps with blood circulation, leaving you with healthier skin.

2. Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Spots

Clear and flawless skin is every woman’s ultimate desire. Gold has active ingredients that promote collagen production and improve elasticity. It thus reduces fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles, and other marks for a brighter, more refined appearance.

3. Lightens the Complexion

Cleopatra is a famous symbol of beauty. Reports say that she used a pure gold mask every night to enhance her complexion and keep wrinkles away.

Today you can experience this important part of her skincare regimen with Kedma’s Facial Gold Mask. The mineral-rich mask has traces of 24K Gold that can make your skin feel more supple and radiant. It helps lighten marks and hydrates skin cells for a noticeably younger complexion.

4. Treats Inflammation

Women with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about this ingredient. In fact, gold has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties that prevent breakouts and treats skin disorders. As it introduces more oxygen into the epidermis, cells are renewed faster.

Gold has many proven skin care benefits. It can bring back that youthful elasticity without harmful side effects. It’s a natural remedy that deserves a place on every woman’s regimen.