Got Wanderlust Fever? Check This Diagnosis

A couple having a Europe tripDo you ever wake up wondering what a new city or country feels like? Do you always wish you spent your days on a sunny tropical island instead of a dull cubicle? Does the mere sight of foreign money excite you whenever you pass by a foreign exchange company like No.1 Currency? If you answered yes to all those questions, then it is safe to assume that you have wanderlust fever.

1. You always daydream about a place.

The first symptom of having wanderlust fever is you always dream about a certain destination you always wanted to see. You spend every day trying to rid your mind of your longing for that place. It does not even matter if you are swamped with work; you always find time to daydream about that destination.

Do not fret, this is not a distressing condition. Most people have their bucket list of places they want to visit before they die. Begin checking off that list to start curing your sickness. Ignoring your desire would lead to depression and unproductivity at work. Start with small trips that you can manage between your days off at work to satisfy you for the meantime.

2. You feel uneasy about your monotonous lifestyle.

The very moment you start to feel depressed, go ahead and book a flight soon. It is not safe to keep postponing your yearnings even if you are not leaving the next day. The anticipation of your Europe trip next month will keep your energy up. The longer you postpone checking off your bucket list, the more miserable you will feel about your daily routine.

Getting diagnosed with wanderlust fever is not something to worry about. There is no antibiotic for this sickness for the only cure is to explore the world once in a while. This longing and curiosity to get out is a wonderful feeling that you should cherish.