Here are Trendy Ideas for Love Tattoo Designs

Love Tattoo DesignsLove tattoo ideas can open endless options for individuals who are out to show devotion to each other. In some tribes, couples get their tattoos after their wedding ceremony. Couples from a more modern and urban setting can also do the same by getting a pair of inked body art.

Most popular love tattoo designs are comprised of wedding ring bands, golden bells, hearts, keys and lock, and love quotes. Rings or bells, along with other symbols of marriage exude a timeless and classic appeal. Matching wedding ring tattoos bearing the name of the couples are the top choices among those who have sealed the bond. 

Lovers who are yet to exchange vows, however, can be presented with these modern and trendy designs:

Romantic Quotations

These tattoos cannot be too long unless you have spared enough skin for the tat (like the entire back or the length of the forearm). You might have to choose a quote that is short enough for the limited area, recommends


Having a name inked on the skin has been a popular move for the hopeless romantic some years ago, but it remains to be a good choice for love tattoo designs today. A little splash of imagination, though, can take name tattoos a long way. 

Complementary Symbols 

One of the designs that are screaming for attention in many tattoo parlours is a complementary symbol, such as sun and moon, moon and stars, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, male and female emblems, etc. They are not too conventional, but couples may give meaning behind the tat.

Body inks for couples are not limited when it comes to size, colour and placement. Smaller tats can be placed on the side of the neck, hands, wrist, forearm or lower leg. On the other hand, medium scaled patterns would look best on the waist, shoulder blade, lower leg or upper arm. The colour can also be easily decided by the lovers. Depending on the personality and taste of the wearer, love tattoo designs can be shaded with red, gold, copper, silver, or brass.