Home Living For Seniors: What You Should Know

seniors gathered together

Home living for seniors can be a very good choice. Various advantages to home living exist compared to retirement homes or communities. And many seniors believe it themselves.

Data shows that about 80 percent of seniors think that their current home is where they’ll stay for good. To ensure that home living is right for you or your loved one, you must consider the following:

Is the Home Safe?

Seniors aren’t as strong and agile as they used to be. Their limited physical ability puts them at risk in a typical home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly one in three adults 65 years old and up suffers from a bad fall every year. For this, you’ll need professional home safety assessment.

Making the home safe is of utmost importance. Installing brighter lighting in high-risk areas (i.e. stairs, kitchen, and the bathroom) can help with failing eyesight. This could prevent slips by increasing visibility. You can also invest in non-slip areas on floors, a better fire prevention system (especially in the kitchen), emergency medical response and communications systems, and grab bars.

A Few Advantages

Home living’s biggest advantage is that it’s familiar. Senior citizens are likely to feel at ease in familiar surroundings. A nursing home may look like home, but it’s not. This can be especially true to very sentimental seniors. It makes them more comfortable, psychologically stable, and more responsive to treatments and therapies. Home is where people also feel secure.

There are also financial advantages. In short, keeping a patient at home is likely cheaper than paying for a retirement home and the facilities. Keep in mind, however, that home care costs can increase over time. One can expect a lower initial payment, but the increasing needs tend to come with heftier bills. It’s important to make sure the family is financially ready for this.

Plan early to further minimize the risks of troubles. With careful research and enough preparation, home care could be an excellent option for you or your aging loved one.