How Pallet Stillage Cages Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Stillage cases

Investing in stillage cages allows for bigger savings in the long run. While its initial cost may be higher, their versatility and ability to handle heavy loads make them a reliable storage companion in workshops and warehouses.

Moreover, you can reuse pallet stillages many times. You can easily dismantle them for transport efficiency and to save space.

Advantages of Using Pallet Stillage Cages

Compared with other options, pallet stillage cages offer greater durability and carrying capacity, which makes them appropriate for multiple applications. They also fit most standard pallets internally. In addition, they can be flat packed to save on freight and for easy storage.

Designed and manufactured using steel, pallet stillage cages are perfect for storing, separating, and transporting goods. They allow for easier movement around the factory floor to improve warehouse workflow. These units also help reduce the time required to load and unload items, promoting faster operations.

Selecting the Right Stillage Cages

It’s important to consider the warehouse’s specific parameters and requirements to find the ideal stillage system. Choose from a full or half size, and if your needs change, you can easily dismantle the cages to save on space. Businesses can use machines such as forklifts and pallet jacks to transport the units easily. Some types of pallet stillage have the option for galvanised sheet metal flooring, which increases its durability to carry heavy weights.

Stillage cases come in a variety of materials, sizes, and heights to accommodate every business’s storage needs. There are also weatherproof storage and transport boxes that protect goods from the elements. Another popular option is the collapsible mesh cages which can be stacked either assembled or collapsed to maximise space.

Pallet stillage cages are some of the most innovative solutions for today’s materials handling. No matter the size of the warehouse, there are options available to meet your specific needs. These products increase efficiency, improve storage, reduce workplace safety issues, and help maintain lean processes.