How to Efficiently Utilise Recruitment Agencies

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Recruitment agencies are very important intermediaries that cut costs and time between applicants and employers. The UK, especially in London and bigger cities, has a sizeable recruitment agency market. Engineering recruitment agencies in London, in particular, are essential given the nature of the industry’s work availability, i.e. project-based.

They are specialists as opposed to generalists that cover all or most job types, so care is necessary in managing your applications, as competition is fierce.

Below are a few tips in utilising recruitment agencies efficiently.

Research the agency

Before using an agency, do extensive research about them. Check their registration with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Do they give advice to graduates that use their site? Do they have testimonials to back up the effectiveness of their business?

Do not just use one agency

Try to register with several agencies to ensure you have a better chance of getting a job. It will also help you get exposed to many companies. But make sure you do not apply to so many that you would lose track of your application. Maybe three or four agencies are enough.

Track your applications expeditiously

Keeping track of your applications would save your chances and your relationship with the agency. Losing track of one may have bad precedence, as agencies would lose time and money too for lost contacts. Follow up your applications with a phone call. Do not expect the agency to keep on calling you.

Present yourself well

Agencies are paid by employers, so they are very critical with whom they choose as the best candidate for a job. They have to adhere with the employers and capture the correct match. So present yourself effectively. Think of your profile as a product that you need to market well.

While it is right to be respectful to an agency to preserve the relationship, you should still be honest to say no with an offer that does not suit you. Some agencies can be very persuasive. Be focused on what you want but still flexible enough to try other opportunities.