How to Increase Water Flow Rate in Commercial Buildings

boiler room with tanks and pipes

Continuous water supply is essential for any commercial building or manufacturing plant. However, low water flow rate can impact manufacturing processes and hinder water access on the upper floors of a commercial building. In this instance, you have to find a way to increase water flow pressure and flow rate.

There are several ways to boost water pressure in commercial buildings. Most methods depend on the amount of water you intend to use and the length of the piping. If your pump isn’t working as it used to be, maybe its time replacing it.

Consider installing a centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump is suitable for pumping water to high rise commercial buildings and manufacturing companies where high water pressure is required. Centrifugal pumps are unique because they can provide high or very high flow rates than most positive displacement pumps. Their flow rate also varies considerably with changes in the total dynamic head of the piping system. Although these pumps need electricity to run, the rotating shaft-impeller inside the casing ensure that water reaches every section of the building.

Check your pipes

Pipes collect dirt and sediment throughout the years, which may cause them to clog. When this happens, it is time to re-pipe your home. Cleaning or changing water pipes isn’t easy. However, at the end of the project, you will have the desired water pressure to continue your operations.

Check the main valves

If the problem affects more than one block, then it is undoubtedly originating from the main shut off valve usually located on the street. Check to ensure that it is fully open. If it isn’t fully opened, turn it on and confirm whether water has resumed normal flow. If not, call an expert to look into it and apply the right fix.

It is difficult to do anything with low water pressure, whether it is running industrial machines or washing the floors in a commercial building. With the right fix, normal operations will resume, and you will get things done quicker.