How to Know if Your Landscape Has Drainage Issues

Front lawn of house

If you own or manage a commercial building or property, then you would know that it is a nightmare when the area gets swamped with ponding water. It can bring a swampy landscape, structural damage, rotting plants, and even mossy walkways. This can result in hundreds of dollars for restoration, which is a total waste of money, but this can be prevented.

Today, we will tell you how to spot waterlogging and if your property needs commercial landscaping servicing in Naples as soon as possible.

Watch Out for Standing Water

Make sure to check the area for standing water, as this usually means that your property is dealing with drainage issues. Look at your lawn whenever it rains and see if it gets all soggy and wet. If the water does not go down or the mulch, soil, and leaves get soaked with water, then it also means that you would have to call for landscaping services.

You should also watch out for the formation of rivulets, as this can also pinpoint to water runoff and also soil erosion.

Downspouts That Do Not Work Properly

If you cannot do it yourself, then it would be best to have a professional look at your downspouts. If it is clogged, not sized properly, or broken,  then it would be best to have it replaced. Broken downspouts can tend to direct huge amounts of rain and standing water to your lawn, hardscaping, or plant beds.

If you find out that your downspouts are broken, then make sure to call a professional landscaping team and have them replace the downspout immediately.

Check the Drain Pipes

Old and extremely used pipes can crack, collapse, and corrode. Some of the most common culprits of blocked landscape drainage pipes are falling leaves and debris, which is why it is important to make sure that your drain pipes are working properly.

However, tree root infiltration can also be a cause, so ask your landscaping team to perform ground shifting on account of freeze-thaw cycles to allow the roots to find their way into the drainage system.

French Drains That are Not Installed Properly

Sprinklers turned on in garden

French drains are usually installed to prevent flooding, but sometimes, when the installation is not properly done, it can lead to landscaping problems. Certain factors such as sediment, silt, and other debris can clog the french drains and cause overflow and backup, which can be a huge cause of concern.

Ask your team to install slotted pipes rather than those ones with holes, as this can help prevent soil and sand from getting inside. You can also ask them to put filters in where the drain starts, as this will make cleaning much easier.

If you are unfamiliar with the processes involved, then make sure to call a professional landscaping team instead and have them take care of everything in your land. Do not delay landscaping and drainage problems, as doing so can cause the problem to become way bigger. May your landscaping issues be fixed ASAP!