How to Resurface a Concrete Floor

Room with window, white walls, and concrete floor

Resurfacing a concrete floor becomes necessary when the existing one starts to show its age or is seriously damaged. Some home owners can try to resurface their concrete floor with the right tools and concrete floor repair products. If you are one of them, here are a few strategies you could use to resurface your concrete floor.

Grind the Floor

You can either buy or hire a concrete grinder from a contractor near you and use it to grind the concrete from one corner to the other in straight lines. Once you’re done with grinding, install a grinding disk and grind the concrete once more. After that, add another abrasive layer and scrape the floor a third time. Finally, sweep off any debris or dust remaining.


You need to put on waterproof gloves, eye safety goggles, boots, and a face mask before you begin resurfacing your concrete floor. You need to be careful when working with heavy equipment, so it’s crucial to wear your protective gear once you start.

Adhesive Application

You can use a paint roller to apply long, straight strokes of concrete adhesive to the floor. Remember it is crucial to start in a small area and continue until you cover the entire surface. Once you’re done, let the adhesive set for about 15 minutes.

Apply the Concrete

You should use the manufacturer’s guide to mix the concrete. Once you’ve mixed it, apply a thin layer of the concrete to the adhesive using a trowel. Apply it in small bits until you cover the entire floor. Finally, allow the resurfaced concrete floor to dry up for about a week before you use it.

Every time you’re doing a home project using cement, you should know it is also crucial to protect the concrete from freezing after applying it and maintain the temperature above 50 degrees. You don’t have to suffer from an old concrete floor; consider asking experts for a professional look.