How to Turn a Shipping Container into a Shed

a person handing a shipmentTurning a shipping container into a shed is a creative way of adding extra storage space to your home. While there are many DIY guides out there for cutting windows into containers and transforming them into creative spaces, you should consider several factors.

If you want to convert your shipping container to a container shed, there are ways to keep your container secure and durable.


A foundation is crucial if you want to enhance the durability of your container. Placing the container directly on the ground will lead to accumulation of moisture, which brings about decay and corrosion. With many types of foundations available, you don’t have to spend too much. You can install a stone bed, wood beam or concrete slab.


It will probably get sweltering inside the container during summer. Cut out some windows or drill some holes for ventilation to avoid damaging whatever you will store inside. If your budget allows it, you can install a primary HVAC system or explore other venting options.

Get Rid of Odours

A shipping container might come with some scents depending on its goods. To eliminate the smell, get some coffee or vinegar, spray it around the container, and then shut the door for a day or two. Coffee will absorb the odour, leaving behind a faint smell. You can then clean the container and continue using it as a shed.

Shipping containers are great storage options that are affordable and dynamic. Whether you need extra storage in your temporary or permanent home, these containers can be set up quickly for immediate use. Besides, they are cheaper compared to constructing a shelter.