Important Considerations When Procuring Shipping Containers

A shipping container being transportedShipping containers serve as ideal storage essentials as long as you select quality ones. There are a number of advantages when you use shipping containers as opposed to traditional wooden sheds for storage. The containers are more secure, durable, watertight and environmentally sustainable compared to wooden sheds.

The cost per square foot of these durable shipping containers is affordable and shipping the container to your property will not hurt your finances much. The containers are constructed from Corten steel, a steel alloy that can withstand extreme weather conditions even when left unpainted. Here are some important considerations when getting your storage container:


Compared to traditional wooden sheds, a major advantage of using container sheds is that they offer large space for your storage needs. These containers usually measure 40’’ and 20’’ with widths of 8’’ and a 9’6’’ height. 20’’ containers are popular for domestic use while 40’’ containers are often used for commercial storage.

The Foundation of the Shed

Putting the container directly on the ground makes it more prone to rust and decay. Depending on the period you plan on using the container for, consider installing a temporary or permanent foundation for it. Concrete footers are ideal for permanent containers while sleepers and railroad ties work for temporary container sheds.

The Container’s Condition

Before buying a used container as with all equipment, thoroughly inspect it. Specifically look out for rust and corrosion, ensure its seals are tight and the floor has no infected areas. Used containers might be less costly but might damage your home’s curb appeal. You can go for new containers to enhance your curb appeal.

There are many options concerning the customisation of containers. You can add partitions or refrigerators depending on your storage needs. You can add further security measures to protect high-value items. When it comes to customising containers, do not forget to seek expert advise first.