Kapiti Coast and Island: Tourist Magnets for Holiday Makers


Tourist So many wonderful opportunities to relax and commune with nature await you and your loved ones at North Island’s southwest side. Kapiti–the “Golden Coast” has so much to offer New Zealanders who are in dire need of a holiday from the rush of the city. Truly unforgettable sights and sounds await just a 40 minute drive from Wellington less than 20 kilometres away.

Something to do for everyone

Some people pass by the coast on their way to other destinations further north or south. If you just want to take a walk through virgin forest, then you can take a hike at Tararua Forest Park. If your idea of a break leans toward a full day at the golf course there are world-class facilities nearby.

Now, if you can spare a few days away from work and domestic worries back in Wellington, it’s recommended to get a tours package that includes a tour of the wildlife sanctuary located on the island five kilometers offshore, captours.co.nz suggests.

Wildlife and the bountiful sea

After spending a few hours relaxing along the beach at the coast, perhaps you’re ready for a more adventurous romp. The island beckons to you like an emerald jewel, and its charm is very hard to resist. What is visible from the surface of the water is merely the summit of an underwater mountain range. Its riches lie not just on the land and sea, but also in the wildlife that thrive under protection within the nature and marine reserve. Once you get to the bird sanctuary, you’ll realise how fortunate you are to witness rare birds in the wild. Some species are no longer found on the North Island.

The wildlife reserve is not the only stop you should make. The Whare is worth visiting. It is the oldest building and represents the richness of colonial and Maori influences. Learn more about Kapiti and take your time exploring its tourist attractions.