Life Without Bed Bugs: How Pest Control Experts Can Deal with Infestations

Pest Control Personnel

Nobody likes bed bugs in their homes, let alone in their entire city. According to a report by Bloomberg, Baltimore City in Maryland ranked first on a list made by pest control services of the top fifty cities that had the most residential and commercial treatments for bed bugs.

Bed bugs not only make your skin itch, they also might transmit diseases. Bed bug exterminators can help get rid of these inconvenient and life-threatening pests with the following procedures:

Spraying Intently

bed bug removal company can use spray treatments on hidden areas in which bed bugs breed. Potent chemicals are used instead of your typical pesticides that only scatter bed bugs and not kill them. These chemicals require trained hands to safely administer them.

Killing with Fire (or Heat)

Researchers believe that heat treatments are effective at killing bed bugs in hard to reach areas. The heat treatment equipment raises the temperature of the air around between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to kill bedbugs and their eggs.

Sniffing Out the Nest

Canine inspections are also used by pest control experts. These dogs are trained to sniff out the nests or breeding areas of bed bugs, which are usually hidden or hard to reach.

Commercial Treatments

Residences aren’t the only ones prone to bed bug infestations. For public spaces, like offices or restaurants, bed bug exterminators offer commercial treatments, which are done on a larger scale compared to treatments at home.

Homes Without Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pests that could infest a whole city if left unchecked. This results in a minor inconvenience becoming a serious health risk for everyone involved. Exterminators use an array of techniques to get rid of these pests. With these solutions, people will enjoy living without bed bugs at home.