Local Search and the Role It Plays in Successful Digital Marketing


SEOGoogle rolls out algorithm updates to ensure quality and relevance. Failure to meet the standards of the search engine giant may put your site at risk of penalties—and we all know what comes after when that happens.

One of the factors that Google takes into account is location. As such, gearing your SEO efforts towards this factor can give you an edge among the competition. This is where local SEO comes into play.

BambrickMedia.com.au reinforces that Brisbane search engine optimisation should be the foundation of long-term digital marketing strategies. Focusing on local SEO efforts can make a difference in the direction of your campaigns.

If you’ve yet to implement local search strategies, here are some facts that will make you do so today:

Local search helps you keep up with the booming on-the-go mobile search industry.

Mobile search continues to skyrocket every year. A huge percentage of this number is associated with the on-the-go-mobile search industry. Reports show consumers are
more likely to look for information based on location and proximity with their mobile devices.

By implementing local SEO strategies, you can get ahead of the immediate competition. As potential customers can easily find your business on local search listings, you have more opportunities of driving foot traffic.

The importance and value of local SEO is growing.

Ever since the algorithmic update “Pigeon” came out in 2014, local SEO has become even more important and valuable to digital marketers. This plays a huge role in getting your brand’s message across your target audience.

In a nutshell, localising your SEO efforts is one of the vital factors to achieve business growth in the digital landscape. As search engines put more value and importance in local searches, so should you. There’s no time to lose—enlist the services of experienced digital marketers to develop your local SEO strategies today.

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