Love Thy Neighborhood: 5 Elements Filipinos Should Look for When Moving to a New City

Happy family with new house in the background

After years of renting, you’ve finally saved enough money to build or buy a house. Congratulations! That is no easy feat, especially if you have a family to support, considering today’s cost of living in the Philippines.

The excitement over being able to afford to choose from a variety of houses in different locations may feel heady. But, apart from your dream home, you have to consider several other elements in a new community you’ll relocate to.

1. Employment Opportunities

Unless you’re working from home or running your own online business, it’s important to choose a place where there are many job options for you and your spouse. Look up statistics and information about employment opportunities within your industry, then determine where most of these jobs are.

Income levels also vary from city to city, or region to region. Look up typical job offers in your field in different cities and compare them to assess which ones will fit you the best.

2. Schools

Access to a proper education system is one of the most vital deciding factors for relocating when you have children. The importance of a good school cannot be overstated; choose a city that has several options.

Quality public and private schools are scattered throughout the country. Try to figure out what will best fit your children and where they would most likely thrive. In addition, consider your budget as well as the school’s proximity to the house you want.

3. Churches or Places of Worship

According to the Social Weather Station, three out of four Filipinos consider religion to be “very important.” So, if you’re moving to a new place, make sure there’s at least one church where you and your family can practice your religion.

In Cavite’s Lancaster New City, for example, the Parish of the Holy Family is near housing units, so it’s easy for families to attend church.

4. Healthcare Facilities

Easy access to healthcare facilities like hospitals and dental clinics is important in maintaining the quality of your family’s life. Look for cities or towns that have at least a local hospital. When emergency strikes, especially ones involving your children, a nearby hospital would be a lifesaver.

5. Transportation Options

When looking for a new place to live in, consider how you’ll get into, around, and out of the city. With today’s rising gas prices, as well as the heavy traffic in different Philippine highways, it might be cheaper and more convenient to take public transport.

Try looking for a new place in cities with easy access to trains and buses. These are the cheapest ways you can travel for a slightly longer distance, and even out of the city and into another if needed. Access to public transport will also benefit your children if you’re not around to get them to and from school.

Of course, there are still many other elements in a community you should look for when you’re deciding on where to live such as parks, malls, and the neighbors you’ll have. Just make sure you have the essential city features down so you can start a great new life at a great new place.