Maintaining Your Attic and Keeping it Functional

attic turned into bedroom with modern furniture

Having a home attic is great. You can use that extra space to store things that you do not really use, or convert that space into another room where you can relax, entertain guests, or practice your hobbies.

But while attics are an excellent addition to every home, a lot of homeowners neglect to provide care and maintenance for it mainly because it is rarely used, not really accessible, not always visible or simply because caring for an attic is an extra chore.

But attics play a crucial role in a home and therefore deserves (and needs) to be maintained as properly as possible.

Visual inspection

A visual inspection on broad daylight can help you see cracks, creeks, and leaks that would need attention. However, knowing when to call professional spray insulation services in Kansas City can be tricky. This does not mean that visual inspection should not be done.

In fact, regular visual inspection is the key to determining damages or in most cases, preventing it from becoming worse. The earlier you see those stains and damages, the

Focus on the foundation and insulation

You would need professional services to help check your home’s foundation and insulation. This is a must especially if you haven’t had done any recent checks in the hidden part of your home, or has seen drafts, leaks, and other signs of foundation and insulation damage.

Insulation plays a huge part in keeping your home’s temperature intact. More often than not, because of the lack of attic maintenance and inspection, leaks coming from the attic are the reason why a home’s central heating and cooling work more than it should.


woman using her aircon in the living roomThe purpose of ventilation is for air to circulate inside and outside the house properly. It should not be caught in between your home’s foundation or insulation. Dark insulation means that dirt is trapped in between them due to the fact that your vent is not properly working.

Having routine inspection and maintenance of your ventilation is also a must.

Professional pest control

An attic that is not well-maintained is commonly home to unwanted guests and pests. Inspecting your attic on daylight might let you miss those critters living in your property. But looking for signs such as bites, droppings, tunnels, gnaw marks, small consistent sounds and even pungent smell can help determine the presence of pests in your home.

If pests are confirmed to be present, seeking professional pest control services should be done. Not only will they help eradicate pests, but they can also help determine the cause of it. Determining the cause can help you do the necessary actions needed to prevent it from happening in the future.

What is the current condition of your home attic? If it is not looking too well, worry not. Employing these techniques can help you clean up your attic once and for all, and maintain it properly. Discipline, having the right knowledge and resources is the key to having an attic which you can enjoy, or at least one which keeps your home temperature intact.