Do the Ombre: Different Ombre Styles

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hair salonOmbre is a hairstyle trend where the color changes from the roots to the tips. Depending on the color combination used, the style may look as if the color simply faded out. Typically, the shade goes from dark to light. There are styles, however, that start with a lighter shade on the roots and a darker one on the tips. This trend allows you to be more creative, as you can combine almost all kinds of colors.

For some, ombre is a low maintenance hairstyle. You don’t have to go to the salon every few weeks for a retouch. You can just let the color grow out and it’ll still look fabulous.Before you schedule an appointment with a hair salon in Austin or other parts of the country for an ombre, choose an ombre style that suits you.

Contrasting Ombre

Among the different ombre styles today, contrasting ombre is the most popular one. Many people often experiment with contrasting colors while some stick to subtler ombre tones. Combining dark and very light shades can help create a bold statement. Ladies with light to medium skin tones can pull off this look easily.

When you have dark hair, look for a certified Austin hair salon near you, as lightening your dark tips may take more than just a single session.

Reverse Ombre

There are no rules to creating an ombre style. You may go for the common dark to light ombre or reverse it so you have the darker shade on your hair tips.

A common variation of a reverse ombre involves using a warm brown color on the ends of a bright blonde hair. This is perfect when you’re not ready to color your hair fully, and you have bright blonde hair to start with. In addition, you can use this style to hide damaged ends. Reverse ombre also creates an illusion of a smoother and thicker hair.

Face Frame Ombre

Look fresh all year round with a face frame ombre. To achieve this style, search for a professional Austin salon with enough experience in highlights. With a face frame ombre, your stylist adds highlights on the front sides of your hair.

Are you bored with your usual hairstyle? Take your hair color up a notch.Consult your trusted hair stylist to learn about the ombre style that suits you.