Patterns Galore: the New Standard of Home Design

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Interior designers have always warned against the overuse of prints. They’re fun when you add them to your home, but do it too much, and your theme might just run away with you. Next thing you know, you have a house that doesn’t look like what you imagined.

Does this mean that you should stay away from prints altogether? Well, now that the standards of home design have changed, you can have all the prints you want–and in bold colors, too!

It’s Okay to Break the Rules

Fashion rules are there to guide you in dressing up. The same goes for home design. However, these rules can be broken to give way to your personal preferences. No matter what fashion dictates, your style is still more substantial. No one knows better than you if those Hunter Douglas blinds in bold colors against a flowery wallpaper will make you happy and excited to come back to your NJ home. Magazines might tell you to tone down the hue, but if you use bold colors as an accent, they will not be as intense. You don’t have to forget your love for bold designs if you learn how to use them wisely.

Go Monochromatic

You want teal walls but worry that it might be too much color for a room that will also contain so many colored items. The key to a successful monochromatic design is to go with colors that are close to teal but not quite as intense. Choose a darker trim, for instance, and instead of dull teal wall paint, consider teal wallpaper or a patterned rug and focus on the furniture pieces being a solid teal color. This way, the color is still dominant, but the room doesn’t feel like one big unit without a personality.

Play with Textures

clean white room

You can have an all-white room but still have dimensions to make it look fashionable. This is true even for patterns. Stripes, for instance, can overwhelm a room if you have the same sizes for every item. However, if you choose wider stripes for smaller pieces and narrower stripes for taller furniture, you can achieve balance. You can also use the colors of the stripe to accent the room. A yellow-and-green striped throw pillow would be perfect with a dark green couch–or a neutral couch needing some color to revive it.

Are you bored with stripes? Chevron pattern can also be used to decorate the wall in a more sophisticated way. The lines make your choice bolder, and if you choose the right color combination, you can get a bold look for your interiors. Chevron and stripes can even be used together to control the illusion of the room. You want lines for places needing more width or height, and chevron for areas you don’t want to look sparse.

You don’t have to be afraid of patterns and bold colors when designing the house interiors. They’re fun to play around with. Even without the help of an interior designer, you can let your imagination run wild and go with what looks good and feels good for you.