Planting Your Brand: Tips on Marketing Your Landscaping Business


Landscaping can be quite a lucrative business. But, even with your skill and the equipment in tow, you’d have to outdo your competition when marketing your brand. So here are simple tips on promoting your landscaping business:

Focus on Online Marketing

Make a Website. Most businesses have their own websites, and so should you. Your website should be user-friendly and contains the bare basics: your company, the services you offer, your portfolio, and your contact details. Later on, you can add features such as online booking and reservations.

Post Your Work. Your website and social media account should showcase your best works, as well as testimonials from satisfied clients. Your online work portfolio would give you an edge among your competition and would help potential customers decide to do business with you.

Encourage Reviews. You should take advantage of the good landscaping good you did and ask your satisfied customer to leave a review on your website, social media, or on Yelp and other business review sites. If you forgot, you can also email or text your client to do so. Online reviews can be the boon or bane of a business, as more and more people tend to search products and services online and use other customer’s feedback and reviews to decide whether or not to choose a certain brand or business.

Use SEO. One tool you can use to make your landscaping business’ website easier to find when they search for landscaping services online is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a method of optimizing your website in order to have it appear higher on the search engine results.

Online Promotions. You can take advantage of social media by offering discounts and other freebies to customers that share your promotional posts.

Promote Word of Mouth Referrals

This is still perhaps one of the most effective ways to market any product or services. Once people start talking about how good your landscaping services are, the more likely you’d get new clients. But there are many ways to promote word of mouth:

Letting Your Work Speak For Itself. Perhaps the best way to promote word of mouth is to consistently do high quality for your customers. As the saying goes, “your work will speak for itself”, but in reality, it will be your many satisfied customers that would do most of the talking; referring you to their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Your client’s neighbors would also be curious about the beautiful front yard landscape, and might even be tempted to ask the homeowner as to who did their lawn.

Ask Them. Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder to get the ball rolling. You can ask your client to recommend you if they have any family or friends that might also want to take advantage of your services. It’s quite a simple task to do, especially if your customer is clearly satisfied with your landscaping job. Lastly, never forget to thank them in advance for doing so, and for choosing your brand.

Referral Bonus. You can provide an incentive for customers in order to encourage them to refer you to their friends and relatives. As such, you can provide discounts for future landscaping or landscape maintenance jobs for successful referrals. This does not only help you gain new customers, but also help make loyal ones.

Traditional Print Advertising


Although many of your potential customers are online, you’d still want to find ways to physically advertise your business; you should have a holistic approach to marketing your business, advertise both online and in real life. As such, it’s best to have your business name and brand printed on the side of your vehicle(s) as a way of advertising it as your drive around town.

Additionally, you can also buy advertising space on the local newspaper, as well as handing out custom promotional products such as pens, lawn chairs, or tumblers that bear your landscaping business’ name, logo, and contact details. Passing out fliers or your business card is also an option, you can even include a discount coupon on your fliers as an added way to attract customers.


If you’re having trouble finding clients, it’s best to try out these simple yet effective marketing tips. Remember that marketing makes a huge impact, and even lesser skilled or less equipped landscapers may outdo you simply by focusing and investing in marketing efforts. So make sure that you stay competitive, not only just with your service packages but also in promoting your landscaping business and brand.