Pollution Control Starts With Corporate Social Responsibility

Pollution ControlAs a grade-schooler, your science subjects taught you about the food chain and the ecosystem. The producer begins the chain, while the consumer and decomposer follow. In society, private businesses are the producers.

As such, they are responsible for supplying the needs of the chain. But, doing business involves more than just production. The process gives way to different effects, most of them affecting the environment.

Pollution is one of them, and consultancy firms such as TripleIConsulting.com, have seen a number of pollution control cases. Prevention and control begins with CSR. Here’s why.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has gained a lot of attention over the recent years. It’s a moving concept, which goes beyond what businesses should do beyond the call of their duty and the law. The process of running a company entails looking at how it affects the rest of the society.

In the Philippines, both local and global companies are taking the initiative to meet this responsibility. As providers of widely-used products and services, seeing to it that what reaches the market isn’t harmful to consumers is a must.

Environmental Issues

To do this, government agencies issue permits to ensure the business’ strict compliance. Environmental issues such as pollution are among the most prevalent problems in the country, while citizens are often seen as the culprits behind them. But, by presenting environmentally-hazardous as available options to the public, businesses are equally at fault.

Pollution affects the whole country, and reports show how much it has worsened in the past year. Industrial wastes from factories, as well as plastics in landfills, are the leading causes of pollution. Over the past decade, large-scale businesses and malls have done their part in pollution control by lessening the use of plastics and aiming for zero-waste production.

Doing More

This is a good start, but the country needs more to curb the problem for good. The damage has been done. Businesses have the means to reach beyond their audience, which is why the weight of the issues lies heavily on their shoulders. Directly and indirectly, they are the cause of these problems. And, they are best equipped to mobilize people to solve them as well.

Pollution control is, indeed, a corporate social responsibility. The business has a great role in providing solutions. But, as with the food chain, the process can’t be complete without the rest of the society. It starts with CSR, and hopefully, it goes beyond that.