Pool Maintenance: How To Protect Your Pool Against Winter’s Wrath

swimming pool cover

swimming pool coverWinter is coming, and everyone knows that Utah can be unforgivingly cold. Now might be a good time to start your winter preparations, which can include shutting down your pool. Swimming pools can operate regardless of the weather condition. Still, there are some people who find it harder to maintain their pools during winter.

Pool maintenance experts from Utah-based Best Pools, Inc. don’t normally recommend shutting pools down; however, if maintenance becomes too much of a task for a homeowner to handle, shutting the pool down might be the best choice.

You might be thinking that since your pool is rarely utilized during the cold season, it might be a good idea to close it temporarily. Be aware though that shutting your pool down could lead to some issues.

Motor and Pump Issues

Pool pumps are designed for continuous operation. Turning them off during the winter can increase the chances of the bearings locking up. By the time you wish to open your pool again, you might be surprised to find out that your pumps have “died of natural causes” during the winter.

Using a mesh cover to winterize your pool

Placing a mesh to cover your pool requires continuous pump and motor operation throughout the winter season. The pool would also require regular chemical treatments to prevent the growth of algae.

Using a Solid Safety Cover

Solid safety covers allow you to completely shut down your pool, which means everything from turning the pumps off, blowing and plugging out all lines, and other winterization measures need to be applied. Using solid safety covers is a good upgrade to help minimize pool maintenance costs during winter.

Winterizing your pool is a way to prevent unwanted damage caused by freezing water. There are many ways to deal with pool maintenance during the winter. Talking to local pool builders will help you understand what measures apply to your specific circumstance. Nobody wants to pay for repair costs when summer comes.


  1. Right on the money. As if the winter season isn’t sad enough (no more pool parties for the meantime), nobody wants to cough up cash on broken pools after winter.

  2. Can you recommend a good pool pump? Ours broke after only a year. Would like winter-proof pumps because I’m too lazy to do anything on winter.

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