Save Time and Expense by Exploring Different Hotel Amenities

Modern hotel reception counter desk

Hotel amenities are items or services you may either borrow, keep, or use while staying at a hotel. They can be lifesavers if you forgot to pack a key item or have to pack light for a trip. You should definitely ask about the different amenities available in the hotel room of your choice before booking your stay.

Standard hotels typically include a bed, mini-fridge, shower and bath, and an air conditioner. Amenities refer to anything that comes in addition to these basic features. Hotels use them as selling points to differentiate themselves from other hotels.

Products Offered by Hotels

Most hotels come with common amenities like towels, in-room internet access, ice machines, hair dryers, and televisions. Many also provide guests with products like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap, toothpaste, and specialty candles at no additional charge.

Services Offered by Hotels

In addition, hotels may offer free coffee, free continental breakfast, and discounts to local restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Other deluxe amenities include printing stations, indoor pools, gyms, spas, and recreational activities at hotel facilities.

How Important Are They Anyway?

You may not require much in the way of amenities if you are simply looking for a hotel to stay at for the night. On the other hand, a hotel with an extensive list of amenities is likely to be prepared for every request, making extended stays more comfortable for guests. This level of attention to detail is likely to come at a higher price point compared to a hotel that sticks to the basics.

Decide on what matters to you: extensive amenity options, cost, or a balance of the two? This will help you choose a hotel room that’s right for you.

Make the Most of Your Hotel’s Amenities

Special Requests – Hotels may be able to accommodate requests for specialized tools and implements. For instance, while hair dryers are standard free hotel amenities, professional-quality styling tools are not. Call ahead or ask the front desk to know if the hotel can lend you flat irons and curling irons. This can save you some luggage space so you can bring a few extra outfits or that killer pair of boots.

Personal Items – You may miss an important item like a toothbrush or shaving cream while rushing to pack. Hotels often have basic items on hand. In fact, some hotels have a stockpile of free amenities that can match the best-stocked home bathrooms. The next time you forget a basic necessity, save yourself some time and money by calling down to the front desk first. The hotel may actually have what you’re looking for, and in some cases, it may even come free of charge.

Exercise Equipment – Some hotels lend guests fitness gear like yoga mats, workout clothing, and shoes, or may provide in-room fitness programming. Gear provided by your hotel can help you keep your fitness regimen intact while avoiding the hassle of packing.

Electronics – Hotels usually have a stash of electronic chargers and adapters because guests forget them in their rooms. Chances are, hotels will be willing to lend you a cable or an adapter for the duration of your stay.

There are many different kinds of hotel amenities that are offered to guests. They can help improve a guest’s experience at a hotel and save them the time and expense of buying an item they need or have forgotten to pack.