Slowly but Surely: Here’s Why Good SEO Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Woman Showing SEO Strategy On WhiteboardOf the various SEO service claims promised by sub-par agencies, one of the most damaging is the promise of rapid results. The truth is there is no such thing as “instant SEO.” You need a good SEO strategy to improve your website’s online rank, and an effective strategy takes time before it can produce results.

Various factors come into play where an effective SEO campaign is involved, and a reputable SEO agency knows that the surefire way to create a campaign that works is to address these factors.

Here are some factors that make quality SEO take time:

SEO is Dynamic and Complex

SEO is highly dynamic, and when Google releases updates, it’s likely that the details and the specifics of the new algorithm will be left out, making it difficult to stay on top. It then falls on the agency to go the extra mile by studying and testing techniques that produce results, so they can isolate them from the methods that won’t.

You are Competing against Live People

While SEO is mainly about search engines at work, competition is still among live, capable people. That said, you might never know what their next move to improve their rankings is going to be. With other industry players always on the lookout for new strategies and techniques, expect competition to be steep.

To stay ahead of the curve, an SEO specialist needs to examine changes in the rankings of different websites and base their next move according to their findings.

Simply Put, SEO Entails a Lot of Work

The main reason SEO takes time is that it requires plenty of time and effort before one can figure out how to maximize it completely. Apart from plenty of research, it also requires the completion of complicated tasks, such as site audits and the creation of Google-friendly content.

Think twice about partnering with agencies that promise rapid ranking changes and overnight front-page rankings on Google. SEO is complicated: it takes plenty of quality work, and only marketers who understand its complexities are more likely to create results that will benefit you down the road.