What to Do with Solar Power

solar panel

solar panelThe sun is a powerful source of energy. Without it, there won’t be life. It brightens up the world, provides heat, and gives nutrients like Vitamin D to living things. It’s free and always available, so people are always thinking of ways to make the most of it. A good example is the use of solar panel cells to produce energy. Here are some examples of what you can use solar energy for:

Drive a Vehicle

Electricity generated from solar energy serves as a good alternative for gasoline. Solar-powered vehicles run for at least two hours or more when fully charged. In fact, there’s a racing event in Australia every year that involves crossing the continent, a distance of 3000 km, called The World Solar Challenge. It has also been adapted in the United States where the University of Michigan’s Solar Car Team won at an average speed of 40 mph.

Fly a Plane

The Solar Impulse, a carbon fibre aircraft with 12.000 solar cells on its wings, is a fuel-free airplane prototype. It took the manufacturers six years to build this model, along with their intention to have it fly around the world. It weighs 3,527 pounds and has the wingspan of an Airbus 340. Its average speed is 44 mph with a maximum altitude of 27, 900 feet.

Cook Food

Curved solar concentration cookers, also known as a parabolic reflector, are like solar-powered stoves. It lets you cook food at high temperatures, such as boiled and steamed dishes. All you have to do is place a pot in the middle of the hemisphere with a silver surface that reflects the sunlight onto it. A transparent,heat-resistant plastic bag is also necessary to retain its heat. Parabolic reflectors need sunlight to function, so you need to adjust it according to the sun’s direction. It needs supervision when cooking to make sure that there’s proper heat distribution.

Energy from solar panels has many uses, from helping household activities to operating large-scale vehicles. Other than saving money, you also save the planet by consuming less electricity.